If you’re thinking of improving your home in the near future, you’ve no doubt thought about projects that can help enhance the look of your home while adding to its overall value.  However, you may not have the time or the money to invest in large-scale renovation projects purely to boost the home’s look or perceived value.  It’s obvious to most that a freshly renovated bathroom or kitchen, new roof, or refinished basement would add a lot to the appeal of a home, these types of projects are outside of the budget or patience of the average homeowner. 

There are alternatives to these big projects that will add some pizzazz to your home without breaking the bank or the calendar.  In fact, the projects listed below are all under $5,000 on average, and can be done in a weekend.  In many cases, if you’re DIY-inclined you can save a fortune by rolling up your sleeves and tackling these items in your off time.  Best of all, since almost no improvement will recoup all of its costs, these projects can return up to 75% of their cost at the time of sale, and help enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the house if you should ever consider listing it.  

Projects That Add To Your Bottom Line

Steel Entry Door Replacement

Estimated cost: $1,500.  This one’s a no-brainer!  One of the first impressions you can make to your visitors is by having a sturdy, attractive front door.  This is a low cost project even when hiring a professional to hang the door, and can actually more than recoup its cost at sale time.  If your existing door is outdated, ugly, or doesn’t open or close properly, make this the first item in your upgrade list!

Garage Door Replacement

Estimated cost: $2,000.  A brand new garage door can do a lot to improve the outward appearance of the home and provide tremendous value to its owner.  You’ll likely rely on a professional installation, but this still averages under $2,000 in many areas.  You can also add an automatic garage door opener for even greater value, and still get a solid return on your investment.

Repair Damage and Paint the Walls

Estimated cost: $400.  Painting and rehabbing your walls may be one of the cheapest and easiest enhancements on the list.  In a weekend or two, with the right tools and equipment, you can take your drab, outdated interiors and make them shine!  Patch up any holes or punctures in the drywall with a patch kit or spackle, then choose your colors and get rolling!

Upgrading Light Fixtures and Installing Fans

Estimated cost: $1,500.  If your house is looking a bit dim in the evenings, or if it gets a little stuffy during the summer, taking on your ceiling fixtures is a great place to start.  You can brighten up a room rather simply or, if the home is looking a bit dated, you can drastically overhaul its image with a new light fixture.  Also consider adding ceiling fans, as these can help reduce heating and cooling costs and provide comfort to practically any room of the home.

Fiberglass Attic Insulation

Estimated cost: $1,500.  While this may lack some of the visual impact of new doors and fresh paint, savvy home owners are concerned about much more.  What better way to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer than with new, high-quality fiberglass insulation?  This will help keep the utility bills down as well!

Adding a Washer and Dryer

Estimated cost: $3,000.  No one enjoys the laundromat, and there’s no reason as homeowner that you should.  Add a new washer and dryer to your home, and you’ll be blessed with years of convenient clothes laundering and save money over the long haul.  Most newer homes come equipped with the necessary plumbing and electrical needed to hook up these appliances, but if you have to hire the pros to add them to a corner of your basement, so be it – it will be well worth it!

Minor Landscaping

Estimated cost: $1,000.  Have the yard you’ve always wanted!  In a weekend, you can transform your drab, ordinary yard into the talk of the neighborhood.  Plant a tree or two, put down some new mulch, plant a few seasonal flowers, and you’re all set!  Additionally, if you want to add more green to your yard, you can put down new grass seed to help bring out its best.

Update Faucets and Hardware

Estimated cost: $400.  A very simple and affordable task that can help bring new life to your home is by replacing the faucets in your bathroom.  Along with the faucet, get new matching towel racks, toilet paper dispensers, soap tray, etc.  You can also do the same in your kitchen!

Install High-Efficiency Appliances

Estimated cost: $4,000.  If your home is full of old, energy-hogging refrigerators, washers, freezers, etc., you might be ready for an upgrade.  You can brighten up the look of your interiors, while adding big savings to your monthly utility bills.

Replace Door Handles

Estimated cost: $1,000.  While this isn’t the biggest or baddest item in the list, it’s a subtle change to the look and feel of your home at a bargain price.  Don’t go cheap here; buy high-quality handles that will last.  If you’re not comfortable changing these out, hire a handyman and in a day’s work, you’ll have beautiful new doorknobs throughout your home that should give you many years of use.

Get The Most Out Of Your Next Home Improvement Project

Using the ten suggestions we listed above, you can add some great touches to your home and also enjoy a nice return on your investment.  Instead of putting in costly new additions or projects that will leave you broke, instead try some of these tips and watch your property value begin to climb!

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