As the seasons turn from summer to fall here in Wake Forest, we have many things to begin preparing for.  From something as simple as pulling out our tailgating equipment for Saturday football games to making plans for traveling for the holidays, autumn is a time for preparation.  One thing that often gets overlooked, however, is our central heating and air system.  

With the change in season, shifting from producing cool air for the summer to warming our home for the winter months ahead can be a strain, and we often see breakdowns occur due that may have been prevented with some simple seasonal maintenance.  Southern Seasons Air feel that there are some simple steps anyone can take that may help keep your system running well and possibly save money for the coming winter ahead.

Schedule Fall Service.  Make an appointment with the pros to go over your system with you and identify issues that could mean trouble down the road.  In particular, one of the most common issues we find for our customers across the Triangle is failing heat exchangers, and its typically one of the first things we check.  Identifying problems with it now, during the warmer autumn months, can save you some shivering if it fails during the coldest parts of the winter!  

In addition, getting your system tuned up as part of a fall servicing can help your system run more efficiently.  Not only can this help reduce the cost of operation for your system, it can also enhance its longevity for years to come!

Change the Filters.  While most homeowners know they should change the HVAC filters every single month, most seldom do.  This is especially critical for households with more than two people or with pets, as these increase the particles collected in the filter and decrease free-flowing air.  Additionally, many homeowners elect to go with more expensive filters, but unless you have allergen sensitivities this is unnecessary – the cheaper one-month filters work best, as they allow more air to flow through, keep the system running well without working harder to draw air through the filter.

Top Off Propane Levels.  If the heat that your system uses is generated by propane, it’s best to call early and have your propane refilled.  As the winter months get colder, it’s more and more difficult to have residential service come by and get the tanks filled, so we recommend setting an appointment early and enjoy months of worry-free heat.  If you’re unsure if your system uses propane or electricity for heat, please reach out to us here at Southern Seasons Air at (919) 271-7961 and schedule your fall service today; we’ll be able to help advise you of your specific needs.

Check windows and doors for broken seals.  This is the most common source of heat loss in the home, and is often overlooked by the majority of homeowners.  A simple broken seal can cost people hundreds of extra dollars over the course of the winter, and can cause undue strain on your central heating and air system.  Take the time today to check around your doors and windows and inspect for air leaks. Here’s a quick way to test your seals, if you’re unsure how to get started.

These are just a few quick tips to help you get the most out of your system this fall.  Of course, one of the best ways to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer is to set up a maintenance contract with Southern Seasons Air – we’ll handle all of the routine maintenance your system needs each fall and spring and provide you with reminders you need to keep you and your family feeling great year-round!

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