It is possible to find a space heater in any shape or size.

You can install them to supplement your home’s heating costs or to provide warmth to areas that aren’t getting enough heat or cold.

Space heaters can come in handy for many reasons, but you must know how to clean them.

The safety of your space heater depends on how well you maintain it if you use it every day.

Nobody wants their home to be a fire hazard because of dirt, dust, and more!

In this article, we will learn why it is essential to clean your space heater and how you can safely clean your heating device.

Why It Is Imperative To Clean Your Space Heater

Space heaters are usually left alone for hours or days, never mind weeks, unless you want to move them.

A heating device left on its own will eventually gather dust on its surface.

Ultimately, this will build up a thicker layer of dirt on the grills and internal components.

The dust does not appear to be visible to the naked eye, but over time the amount is enough to clog your heater’s air filters.

When operating a dirty space heater, it will most likely overheat rapidly.

In turn, an overheated space heater could cause a fire, and since space heaters are the most common cause of house fires, you should take this seriously.

Therefore, you must ensure that your space heater is always clean and that no dirt or grime accumulates inside the unit.

How To Clean Your Space Heater

Following are some easy steps to clean your space heater:

Wear Protective Gear

It is essential to wear protective gear, like a dust mask, when cleaning the space heater, especially if you are allergic to dust. 

Unplug The Device

Before dealing with any electrical appliance, make sure that you unplug it from the outlet.

Similarly, turn off your space heater before unplugging the cord, and make sure that the heater is not too hot.

Wait for a little while for the heater to cool down before cleaning. 

Start With Wiping The Heater With A Damp Cloth

This is the most important step.

Remember that you must not spray the cleaning agent directly on the outside or inside of your heater.

Instead, dampen a cloth and wipe it gently over the space heater. 

Disassemble The Heater Carefully

The next step is to disassemble your heater carefully to clean it from the inside.

Consult your manufacturer’s user manual to learn how to dismantle the heater correctly.

Time To Clean The Inside Of The Heater

After dismantling the heater it is time to clean the most critical part of your heater, where you will find lots and lots of accumulated dust and debris.

Gently wipe the heater with a compressed air duster, cloth, or a microfiber towel.

Remember to dry all the parts entirely, so no moisture is left inside.

Now, reassemble your heater carefully, and give it its final wipe-down from the outside. 

Now, Give That Space Heater A Good Cleaning

Cleaning the space heater is highly recommended twice a month, especially if used frequently.

A dirty and dusty space heater is not only capable of causing allergies and breathing problems but is also a fire hazard for your home. 


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