If you are thinking about replacing your air conditioning unit or furnace, you might face several challenges if you are unaware of what to do.

This is why we have penned down all the valuable information you will need when dealing with your HVAC contractor or installer. Here are a few things you should expect when replacing your HVAC unit. 

Preparing For Your HVAC Unit Replacement

Estimate Your Budget For HVAC Unit Replacement

Before finalizing your contractor, we recommend you take the budget estimate from three or four different companies.

Your HVAC contractor will give you the best budget depending upon certain factors like the state and age of the ductwork, location, climate conditions, and size of your house. 

Finalizing A Contractor

Look at the following helpful tips before you finalize your HVAC contractor:

  • List all the professional contractors in your area and call them for a visit one at a time. Let them inspect your unit, note all the necessary measurements, and offer you a price estimate. 
  • Ask to provide documentation of their HVAC license and insurance.
  • Make sure to put everything in writing, from the pricing to the job you need them to do. 

Home Preparations

You should expect a slight disturbance in your home while your HVAC unit is being repaired or replaced.

Your HVAC professional will notify you about the time and space required for the project.

Therefore, prepare your house by removing furniture or covering it with a cloth to protect it from dust or damage. 

The Installation Process

Your contractor will bring a few team technicians to carry on the project.

They will access your old HVAC unit and start a systematic removal by discarding the old HVAC unit components and installing the new ones.

You can expect lots of noise from tools and electrical equipment used by the team members. 


After your contractor is done replacing the unit, he will test everything to ensure that anything needs to be rechecked.

You can even ask him for a written assessment report; all new HVAC units come with warranty and service plans.

Therefore, your contractor should provide you with all of the documentation you should need for your new unit. 

HVAC Replacement: Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it typically take to have your HVAC unit replaced?

While most HVAC unit replacement projects take a day to complete, if the job is more tricky, it may require more time.

When the HVAC professional comes to your house for inspection, he will notify you about the estimated time. 

Does your installer have to replace your ductwork when replacing your HVAC unit?

It entirely depends on the scope of your replacement project.

If your HVAC unit requires ductwork modification, the crew members will do the job while the lead contractor will work on replacing your HVAC unit.

They may fabricate minor repairs that your ductwork needs.

However, suppose the ductwork must be replaced because of a significant issue.

In that case, the crew member will have to crawl into the attic to make the necessary repairs or modifications for the new ductwork equipment. 

Does your installer have to replace your thermostat when replacing your HVAC unit?

Typically, when you replace your old HVAC unit with a new one, the thermostat needs to be replaced too.

This is because an upgraded new thermostat can work with a more energy-efficient HVAC unit.

In most cases, thermostats are often mismatched with the latest HVAC units, which is why replacing the thermostat simultaneously with the HVAC system is better. 

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