So often, as a homeowner, we are pulled in many different directions.

While we certainly want to maintain our home to the best of our abilities, furnish it beautifully, and make wise investments into the home that will add to its value over the long-term, we seldom know exactly what the best next move should be.

Do we add a swimming pool in the backyard, replace our old garage door, or perhaps hire landscapers to add to our curb appeal?

One of the best investments that a homeowner can make can prevent huge, frustrating problems during the warmest and coldest times of the year, especially when you consider that these times may come in the same North Carolina week!

This investment can maintain one of the most expensive systems in your home, making it last longer and run more efficiently year-round.

And, perhaps best of all, when you do have problems, your call goes to the top of the priority list, making your issue one of the first that gets resolved.

This investment is in an HVAC Service Agreement, and your friends at Southern Seasons Air offer one of the best values to give you the peace of mind that your heating and air system will be running great for years to come.

What Is An HVAC Service Agreement?

To fully appreciate the benefits of having an HVAC service agreement, you should familiarize yourself with what a service agreement is.

A service agreement is an agreement between individuals, businesses or persons in which one party provides certain services to the other party based on specific terms and conditions.

This agreement usually includes the service description, the frequency at which they will provide the services, the persons responsible for handling these services, the level of supervision during service delivery, fees to pay, waivers, etc

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units of your home, office or business is probably one area you neglect or overlook in terms of regular maintenance and care despite its crucial role in controlling and regulating the temperature of your Interior.

The only time you take action or call on service experts is when your HVAC system develops problems which leads to a complete breakdown or decrease in its operational capabilities.

To mitigate against such inconveniences and unpleasant situations, you can sign up for a service agreement with an HVAC service provider of your choice, to save you a lot of trouble, valuable time and vital resources.

Here are some benefits of having a Service Agreement with Southern Seasons Air:

1. Regular Care and Maintenance of your HVAC units.

The inspection and servicing of your heating and air conditioning system’s vital components is probably one of the main benefits of having an HVAC service agreement.

Regular care and maintenance of your HVAC units will help to ensure that all your systems are functioning properly and in good working condition.

One of our qualified experts will carry out essential annual or monthly maintenance practices of your HVAC such as filter replacements, an inspection of vital components (fan, bearings, and belts), cleaning and adjustment of dampers, etc. We then identify and address any potential issues with your system and discuss with you any issues we see that could cause problems in the future.

2. Ensure maximum longevity and efficiency.

Other than the prevention of immediate problems with your HVAC unit, annual servicing can help to ensure maximum performance, optimum operation and increase in the lifespan of your HVAC systems.

With components like blower filters, evaporator drains and fins, constant maintenance can lengthen its lifespan and prevent the need for costly early replacement.

All systems have components that will wear down over time, and these tend to lead to larger repair bills and decreased functionality over the life of the system. With a regular service agreement, we are able to identify these issues before they occur, and can offer a much cheaper solution in the moment before they become bigger problems.

‘A stitch in time saves nine’, as Ben Franklin used to point out, and the same can be applied to your HVAC system.

3. Reduced rates.

At Southern Seasons Air, we offer our clients with service agreement discounts and a reduction in rates for certain services. This alone can make the agreement worth the cost in some situations.

When a large repair or system replacement is needed, having a service agreement in place beforehand can help you save hundreds of dollars.

4. Preferential Service Treatment.

With a general HVAC service agreement, we show our appreciation for your loyalty and patronage by giving you preferential treatment such as prioritizing your services, waiving extra fees and charges for weekend calls, and arranging off-hours jobs.

Consider the last time your air conditioning quit in the middle of summer – you likely called several HVAC companies in the Wake Forest, Rolesville, and Raleigh area, and were given a repair date well into the future. With Southern Seasons Air, one simple phone call and you’ll be immediately pushed to the top of the list, ensuring your repair will be handled far more quickly than you would have ordinarily!

5. Warranties for Top Products.

At Southern Seasons, we have exclusive arrangements with some of the top manufacturers in the HVAC industry, like York and Trane, that come with exclusive warranties for our customers.

In many cases, with our service agreements we’re able to identify potential issues with these systems and have the repairs all done under warranty, saving you even more money on expensive replacement parts!

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