Don’t be caught in the summer heat!

Homeowners depend on Southern Seasons for their air conditioning needs. We provide service on all makes and models of air conditioning and heating systems.

Tune ups:

Spring cool check offers a 29 point inspection of your cooling system.

Indoor Unit

  • Cycle thermostat to verify operation of equipment.
  • Chemically clean evaporator coil.
  • Check blower wheel, housing, motor and capacitor.
  • Inspect ductwork, return and supply plenums.
  • Inspect drain pan and drain line.
  • Trip safety switches to verify interruption of cooling system.
  • Visually inspect indoor wiring and electrical connections.
  • Check indoor disconnect.
  • Check temperature drop across coil and check static pressure of duct system.

Outdoor Unit

  • Clean condenser coil.
  • Inspect wiring and electrical connections.

Tune ups for Outdoor Units:

  • Inspect contactor and check voltage across coil and contacts.
  • Check microfarad readings of capacitors.
  • Check amp draw on compressor and outdoor fan motor.
  • Inspect equipment pad, condenser coils and outdoor disconnect.
  • Cycle system and verify refrigerant charge, superheat and sub cooling against manufacturers specifications.

Other Services:

  • System repair
  • System maintenance
  • System replacement
  • System installation for new construction home build or remodeling



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