Programmable thermostats are capable of saving a considerable amount of money on your electric bill.

However, these savings depends on a few factors, such as choosing the correct equipment or operating it properly for maximum efficiency.

Programmable thermostats have become quite popular today because of latter.

People are now investing in the upgraded version of these thermostats to utilize every last bit of their cooling and heating systems. 

How Much Money, On Average, Can You Save After Installing A Programmable Thermostat?

The average amount of money saved by installing a programmable thermostat in your house is around $170 per year or simply $14-15 monthly.

However, this saving amount can be increased, but it depends on different factors. Almost every home can benefit from a programmable thermostat. 

Let us get into more details about how you can save a larger sum of money from a programmable thermostat.

But First, What Is A Programmable Thermostat, And How Does It Work?

A programmable thermostat is a smart device installed inside the house, connected to its heating and cooling system (HVAC).

These thermostats allow owners to program specific temperatures throughout the day.

For example, a homeowner may choose to have the house be warmer through the day, when it is unoccupied.

This is how a programmable thermostat allows saving energy and eventually money by only turning the HVAC system on when it is required. 

Traditional thermostats made users choose between constantly adjusting their thermostat to their desired home temperature or leaving their HVAC system always on, which was quite costly.

Additionally, you won’t be comfortable when you get home if you wait until you arrive to turn on the HVAC system.

Installing a programmable thermostat eliminates all the issues mentioned above.

You can simply set up your desired schedule and have your HVAC system running only when needed, keeping your home as comfortable as you want.

The thermostat also prevents you from constantly adjusting the temperature, as it gets done automatically, saving you from all the hassle and inconvenience.

How Can You Save The Most With A Programmable Thermostat?

As mentioned earlier, programmable thermostats can save up to $170 a year, potentially paying for themselves within a year.

However, you can even save greater money than mentioned, depending on a few factors, such as your home’s size, the operating frequency of the HVAC system in your house, the climate outside, and the efficiency of the HVAC system. 

Here are a few tips you can follow to save money with a programmable thermostat.

  • If you have your HVAC system operating 24/7 before installing a programmable thermostat, the amount of money you can save will be the largest. 
  • Homes with a greater area tend to save more money than smaller homes with programmable thermostats. 
  • Suppose your home is located in a hotter climate. In that case, you can save a reasonable amount of money with a programmable thermostat since it manages the temperature more frequently, thus requiring more energy. 
  • Upgrade your HVAC system to a more efficient model to make the most of your programmable thermostat, as it will use less energy to cool the home.
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